G-Burg Vettes History 



During the late 1970’s, a few friends became interested in buying, driving, restoring, and discussing Corvettes.  We met on several occasions on an informal basis among ourselves as well as with other established Corvette Clubs in our area.  “Corvette fever” became so intense in Gaithersburg that it resulted in a caravan of 12 Corvette owners traveling to a show on May 28, 1978 at T. Michaelis Corvette Supplies in Maumee, Ohio, which is about 500 miles away from Gaithersburg, MD.  There were over 2000 Corvettes at this event that participated in a parade billed as the “World’s Largest Corvette Parade.”  At that time we were not organized and had no President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Members.  We designed a shirt for the event that stated our status (G-burg Vettes, No P.S.T.M.) .

We continued to travel and participate in various events in the East Region.  The group formed an organization consisting of charter members who then elected officers to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as directed by the Corporate By-Laws.  Our first formal meeting was held November 10, 1982.  The Gaithersburg Corvette Club (G-Burg Vettes) was incorporated in the state of Maryland on December 8, 1983.  The charter president was Roland Driver.  Shortly after our organization was established, a member died.  We honor him and others by having a moment of silence before starting our monthly meetings.

Our club is a member of the largest Corvette organization in the country, the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC).  One of over 30 clubs in the East Region, NCCC, we are a non-profit, community and service-oriented club.  We actively support national charities, focusing on: Spina Bifida, National Kidney Foundation, American Cancer Society/American Institute for Cancer Research, and specific local charities: Stepping Stones Shelter (for the homeless), Guide Gaithersburg Youth Services, local schools and youth organizations.


Our Preamble

In order to promote interest in Corvette automobile history, ownership and operation and to that end to collect, receive, learn, disseminate and publish information relative  thereto and further establish an organized effort to encourage others to participate in the ownership and enjoyment connected with the use of said automobile and to that end to hold meetings, affairs, rendezvous and other gatherings, public and private in the furtherance of said purpose